The Property Management Q & A

The world of property management can be quite challenging to traverse, especially if you’re experiencing it the first time around. With certain processes, terminologies, and risks to consider, you’re bound to get lost or confused along the way. You would want to make sure that you receive high-profit returns without having to deal with unnecessary […]

Are You Moving? Use These Tips to Pack and Move Efficiently

Moving can be hectic, time-consuming, and expensive. But that does not have to be the case. As long as you know the best and effective way to pack and move, you are bound to have an easy time and save money. Here are some tips to help you pack and move efficiently! De-Clutter and Sell […]

Why Rent Vs. Sell Your Home

Deciding whether to rent or sell a home is one of the most challenging questions to answer, considering the countless pros and cons of every decision. In this case, homeowners like you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of renting or selling your home. To help you decide better, here are a few of […]

Decorating For The Holidays In A Rental Home

Friends, family, and delicious cuisine make the holidays a joyous and delightful time. However, if you are a renter, it might be tough to truly embrace the holiday spirit when your lease limitations prevent you from implementing your bright decor ideas. A no-damage policy, on the other hand, does not have to get in the […]

How To Prep For Hurricane Season

We have no say on what will happen. Times are uncertain, and a calamity may strike at us anytime. With that said, we should be prepared for the worst. We may not know precisely when or if it will happen, but we can make sure that we are ready for it.  One of the occurring […]

What Renting Your Home Looks Like with Rent Holy City

They say leaving your home for long-abandoned is not a good idea. It could be damaged, and the way you see it may change. So, it has always been a good recommendation for homeowners like you to rent your home when you decide to move out, for good or even temporarily. Here’s why.  If you […]

Decorating For The Holidays In Your Rental Home

Making your home more attractive is very important. This can only be attained by ensuring that the decorations are good and well organized. Below are tips on how to decorate your holiday rental home without any significant complications and without straining the available budget. 1. Invest in accessories. You should invest in some accessories to […]

What To Look For in A Property Manager

A property manager makes your life much easier. Maintaining and running a rental property can be an overwhelming task so it is a wise choice to have a person handle the process for you. Property managers are in charge of collecting your rent and know how to deal with late payments the right way, handle […]

How To Prep Your Rental For Freezing Weather

As a resident of Charleston, you are likely aware of the fact that it doesn’t get super cold all that often. It is actually pretty rare. However, that isn’t to say that it never happens. It is important that you know how to accurately and safely protect your home when freezing weather hits in efforts […]

Fun Christmas Activities To Do At Home

 As Christmas is getting closer, we can feel the magic in the air. Christmas Day is definitely the most special day of the entire year, so you want to make sure this special day is appreciated, enjoyed, and remembered by the whole family. Therefore it is worth putting some effort into planning your Christmas activities […]