How To Prep Your Rental For Freezing Weather

As a resident of Charleston, you are likely aware of the fact that it doesn’t get super cold all that often. It is actually pretty rare. However, that isn’t to say that it never happens. It is important that you know how to accurately and safely protect your home when freezing weather hits in efforts […]

Fun Christmas Activities To Do At Home

 As Christmas is getting closer, we can feel the magic in the air. Christmas Day is definitely the most special day of the entire year, so you want to make sure this special day is appreciated, enjoyed, and remembered by the whole family. Therefore it is worth putting some effort into planning your Christmas activities […]

Working With Rent Holy City

Welcome to the brief overview of what it’s like to work with Rent Holy City as a property owner. We will walk you step by step what Rent Holy City actually is and see some of the client testimonials to show you what you are getting with their services from first hand. Let’s make one […]

Organizational Tips For Your Rental

Living in an organized home just feels so great no matter the size of the place. So much that even improves your life in several aspects. You are more productive, feel happier, and sleep better at night. If getting your rental home organized is among your new year’s resolutions, you are in luck. The following […]

Renting to Friends and Family vs Using a Property Management Company

Do you have property that you are considering renting to friends or family? You need to consider the risks of such renting versus hiring a property management company to represent you. Renting to friends or family can seem like a good plan at first. But there are risks of changing your relationship to them in […]

Things To Do In Charleston For Valentine’s Day

Romance is always in the air in Charleston, SC; this beautiful, cozy, cobblestoned city is frequently the top destination for couples wanting to spend a romantic few nights away. Spending time is this gorgeous place is already rather magical, but add valentines day into the mix and you have a very special experience indeed. If […]

What Is A Security Deposit?

What Is Actually A Security Deposit? A security deposit, to put it simply, is money that you need to give upfront to a lender, landlord, or even home/apartment seller as final proof of your intent to really move and live in and care for the entire domicile. There are two types of security deposits. The […]

Spring Time Updates

Spring is approaching, and after difficult snows and record rains, it is time to open all windows and clear winter mustiness. However, for landlords, it is time not only for crucial spring cleaning. They have to take some time for organization and tidy up the property’s external landscaping. Spring Cleaning Tasks For Landlords Interior management […]

Spring Cleaning: Room By Room

Springtime is a wonderful time of year that brings with it renewal and fresh beginnings. That is why it is so important to consider spring cleaning on a room by room basis throughout your entire home. A good place to always start when it comes to a full cleaning in the spring season is the […]

Property Management Fees Explained

What are property management fees? What should you expect when you are a property owner or a tenant? Whether you are renting out your property or you are renting a place somewhere in Rent Holy City, you need to be aware of the property management fees that might affect the price you are going to […]