Renter Friendly Fall Decor for Your Living Space 

It doesn’t matter if it’s still scorching hot outside. The fall season is coming soon. That’s why you should start thinking about cozy home decoration options. If you want your home rental to epitomize autumn style and comfort, you should try these decor suggestions A.S.A.P. Focus on Your Porch Putting a couple of pumpkins on […]

Renting Your Home With Rent Holy City

It is always good to rent your home if you decide to move out for some time or even permanently. Leaving your home abandoned for a long time is not a good idea. Besides, renting your home allow you to earn from it.  You must have stumbled over Rent Holy city when looking for a […]

Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

When the summer months roll around, you want to ensure your home is relaxed and comfortable. But how do you keep it cool when the temperature outside is scorching hot? There are a couple of ways you can keep your South Carolina home cool in the summer heat. Here are easy ways to keep your […]

Fun Summer Activities

Planning a summer vacation to South Carolina? In this guide, we’ve chosen to highlight summer activities in the cities of Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville. Each activity listed below is guaranteed to be fun for all ages ranging from waterfalls, to ghost tours, to free live music. Let’s take a look. Charleston South Carolina Beaches With […]

Risks of Renting to Family and Friends

You have a property to rent out and as you start to look for suitable tenants, you are approached by a member of your family (or a close friend) who is in need of somewhere to live. Normally you would carry out credit checks and screening of any potential tenant, but because of the close […]

What Working with Rent Holy City is Really Like

If you are on the hunt of a helpful and resourceful property manager, then you must have heard about Rent Holy City. This property management company is known for having an expert team of specialists in charge of marketing your home. For many years, this company has been bringing in quite a high volume of […]

How To Find The Perfect Rental Home

Finding the perfect rental house takes considerable study. Finding the best rental house in every way necessitates your ongoing search and patience. You may discover a rental house through a variety of means, including an online search, friends, or through a property manager. You can begin your house search with the following suggestions. 1. Establish […]

Property Management Fees at a Glance

Most people forget that owning property is not as easy as owning new clothes or a brand new smartphone. Aside from the expensive price tag, property owners must also pay various fees and taxes during the purchase process and on an ongoing basis. In other words, property ownership is a lifetime commitment that comes with […]

How to Prepare and Organize Your Spring Cleaning Project

Few home projects can be more satisfying than spring cleaning. Done correctly, it feels like getting a new start after a tough winter. And given the issues we’ve all had to adjust to with the pandemic, it can even feel like a new lease on life given all the isolation and economic difficulties we’ve all […]