It is once again that time of the year, Valentine’s Day. For many of us, it can be quite overwhelming to decide what to do on this very special day. Sometimes you want to do what you always do, either go out for a meal or watch a movie. Or you may wish to be daring and try something new and different. Do not worry, no matter your desire for Valentine’s Day this year, we have a wide selection of date ideas for you.

Take A Virtual Cocktail Making Class

The perfect middle ground between not going out on Valentine’s Day and doing something out of the ordinary is going something virtually at home. Especially with the times that we are currently living in, many people are opting to stay at home for the most romantic day of the year, and we cannot blame you. But, just because you wish to stay at home does not mean that you cannot have a special Valentine’s Day. Why not take part in a virtual cocktail making class? Not only will you get to drink delicious cocktails at home, but you get to have fun joking around with your significant other whilst doing so. Sounds like the perfect time to us!

Plan Your Own Stargazing Midnight Picnic

It is time to get out the blanket, maybe light a few candles and pack your best bottle of wine as we are heading outdoors. Whether you wish to do this in your own back garden, balcony, rooftop or local outdoor area, there is nothing more romantic than looking up at the stars with someone you love. Don’t forget to download one of the many stargazing apps on your phone to impress your significant other, and why not pair your stargazing trip with a bottle of your favorite wine and some sweet treats? Maybe some finger foods or chocolate-covered strawberries? 

Visit The City Of Love – Well, Kind Of

When you think about romance, the first destination that tends to come to mind is the City of Love – Paris. But, spontaneously visiting the capital of France is not possible for most of us. So why not bring Paris to your own home? It is time to put on some romantic French-inspired music, get out your berets and light some candles. Don’t forget to pick out a bottle of your very favorite French wine and try your hand at making some authentically French cuisine. Think French onion soup, beef bourguignon, crème brûlée. And no French inspired night is complete without a cheese board.

Maybe Go For A Romantic Meal For Two

Alternatively, you may wish to stick to the traditional evening meal out. You cannot go wrong with this classic Valentine’s day date. Below, we have included a variety of romantic restaurant date ideas.

1) Halls Chophouse – Charleston, SC

Located on Charleston’s Upper King Street, you will find a delicious steakhouse restaurant. Perfect for if your idea of the best Valentine’s Day meal is a juicy steak and a high-quality bottle of wine. The staff come highly rated, and the setting is everything you would want for the most romantic day of the year.

2) 167 Raw Oyster Bar – Charleston, SC

If, like us, Valentine’s Day is not complete without at least one course of seafood, then you must go to 167 Raw Oyster Bar. With fresh and delicious seafood, the oysters being a particular favorite (and also perfect for this special day), and incredible cocktails. You cannot go wrong with this restaurant.

3) Kitchen SYNC – Greenville, SC

If you are looking for a place with a large variety of food, perhaps Valentine’s Day is your first date with someone and you do not know them quite well enough? Why not try Kitchen SYNC? They serve a variety of different food from pizza to pasta and burgers, and there will hopefully be something on the menu to please your date. 

4) Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Greenville, SC

You really cannot go wrong with a steak house and this one is a favorite of the people of Greenville. It can be quite a treat to have a fresh and prime steak, especially when it is cooked perfectly. So, if you are in the Greenville area, definitely check out Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

5) Alodia’s Cucina Italiana – Columbia, SC

Paris and France are not the only locations that are considered incredibly romantic. The Italians can give them a run for their money. Going to an authentic Italian restaurant is a favorite of ours for Valentine’s Day, where you can share some romantic spaghetti over a nice bottle of red wine. Sign us up.

6) Real Mexico Restaurant Y Tienda – Columbia, SC

Our last restaurant selection may be a little out of the box, but why not try a Mexican on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps this might be the change that you are looking for, so definitely give Real Mexico Restaurant Y Tienda a try. Their fajitas and burritos are incredible.

So, have we given you the inspiration you were very much looking for? We hope so. No matter how you spend Valentine’s Day this year, whether you are taking a virtual class with a loved one or going out to your favorite restaurant, we are sure you will have an incredible time.