Property managers are in charge of managing a building’s property. They help tenants and guests find their way through the building, answer tenant queries, and sometimes even deal with emergencies such as fires. In return, they get paid commission on each lease signed and service fees on all properties managed. When hiring a property manager, it’s vitally important to find somebody you trust who can manage your buildings while also keeping the best interest of you in mind. Here are the qualities that make up this essential job title.


An essential quality of a property manager is that he can control his emotions while also remaining professional in his job. He should never get angry or yell at anybody, no matter what troubles he’s going through or how much pressure he’s under. A property manager must always behave professionally, treat everybody with respect, and take responsibility for everything that happens on the properties he manages.


All the responsibilities of a property manager should be present, especially during work hours. When something unexpected happens, a property manager has to work overtime until the crisis is resolved or the clean-up done. A property manager must also be ready for any emergencies and often have to take care of these problems personally if nobody else can do it. He must also have excellent time management skills and never miss important deadlines or meetings. His schedule should be flexible enough to keep him always on track with his daily tasks.

Also, the property manager should be available at all times. If your tenants need something late at night or on the weekend, you want someone who can respond quickly and fix any problems that come up. A great property manager will be available 24/7 and make sure that your rental is successful and enjoyable for you and your tenants.

Marketing Skills

Property management is similar to running a business but with a much less complicated product. Property managers need to know how to market their properties effectively, from brochures and online listings to social media campaigns and website maintenance. When you are looking for a property manager, make sure to ask if they will maintain your properties’ marketing and how they will do it.

Accounting Skills

Property managers are often required to submit reports regularly, so they must understand all accounting issues and processes. He must be familiar with common accounting software such as Quickbooks and can collect information from his staff to submit them when needed. Keeping tabs on all important numbers and figures.

Problem Solving Skills

A property manager has to come up with a long list of problems that may occur in a building from time to time and deal with each unique situation. His job is to control the plumbing and electrical, deal with security concerns of guests, keep the office space clean and protected, maintain the facilities, collect rent monies, and file expenses for payroll purposes – all without causing any damage to the property. A property manager must always be ready for anything but not panic about every little thing because this will lead to mistakes and more problems. He has to keep his cool at all times, even under great pressure.

Communication Skills

A property manager must have excellent communication skills. He has to ease talk to guests, tenants, co-workers, and superiors. Property managers often have to deal with emergencies and always keep tenants happy. He has to be a good person who can make other people feel comfortable in his presence.

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