Every year is an opportunity to continue on your desires, dreams, and goals in life. A new year brings a new blessing and others make resolutions for them to achieve the best in 2022. As variants of viruses continue to affect the lives of many, closures of businesses, salary decreases, shortages of supply, remote learning, and work from home become the routine of many people. Take back your life in 2022 by prioritizing home organization or by getting organized at all times. This is a budget-friendly tip to everyone especially if you are living in a rental home on how to get organized in the new year.

Use Dresser as a Furniture

Nowadays, thrift stores are still selling old dressers. Don’t let the fact that if you will buy one, it looks a little worn down that scares you. Putting a bit of elbow grease and some colorful paint for you to have a piece of furniture with tons of storage potential. Use this dresser for entry tables, TV consoles, and even for shoe storage.

Declutter Your Kitchen Area

The kitchen is one of the areas in your home that needs to be cleaned regularly and utensils and other kitchen materials must be organized always. Having a lid or any simple kitchen organizer is a big help to give each lid a home of its own or separate items in the kitchen for you to know where to find it when you will use it, Remove unnecessary items like old utensils that are no longer in use, or those similar items that make the are an overcrowded one.

Use Baskets

Having a basket is one of the best tools around to corral those wayward objects at home. They can be used virtually anywhere and appear good while you are hiding everything those things that you don’t want anyone to see. Try using a basket placed in the living room to hold extra blankets, over the refrigerator storage, or in your bathroom to hold extra rolls of toilet paper.

Organizing Your Closets

Start organizing your closets in your room by cleaning them first, sweeping out debris, and by dusting the shelves so your closet will have a fresh start. Divide the contents into categories and separate items into the same group like socks, hankies, tops, bottoms, underwear, accessories, and other items in your closet. Make structure on your closet with nifty organizers such as putting some hooks on the front and back of the door, having a rack for shoes, and using boxes stacked on the floor if there is enough space.

Throw Away Some Old Stuff

Don’t fall into the trap of storing that pair of jeans from high school that you think you are going to fit it again or every piece of paper that comes through your door. It’s normal to have all those stuff but if the things or items are obsolete and you are no longer using it and if you haven’t looked its way in a year, then toss it out. You can donate those old clothes or burn those papers to save space and for other items to look organized.