You might want your family to partake in various activities during the holidays. Since this might be the only time of the year where everyone is at home, you might want to take advantage of the occasion. Winter holidays only come once a year – and there are some events that you can only partake in during this period.

If you want to spread cheer with your family, you can try these activities. 

1. Enjoy a holiday movie night

When it comes to holidays, movie nights should be on the top of your family activities checklist. This can be an excellent way for your family to bond and reconnect – especially if some members have not met for months. Prepare some snacks, gather everyone, and huddle together as you watch classics and favorites. When you attempt a movie night, make sure that you get everyone’s choices for your marathon – this way, everyone can enjoy it.

2. Attend local parades

Another way for your family to enjoy the festive season is by attending different local events such as parades and Christmas lighting. There are more local activities prepared in your area during holidays, so take advantage of them. Whether you are watching the illumination of the largest Christmas tree in town or watching marching bands, your family can create great memories when you partake in these festive occasions.

3. Visit Santa

If there are children in your family, you might know that their biggest wish is to meet Santa during this time of the year. You can make their dreams come true and their days better by allowing them to visit Santa in person. You do not need to travel to the North Pole -visit local activities or malls. There will be Santa mascots who will be more than happy to play their part for the little kids most of the time.

4. Set up a Christmas tree

Another activity that your family can enjoy this season is to set up a Christmas tree. Not only is it the most symbolic furniture for this festive season, but setting it up and designing it can be a bonding activity for everyone at home. The size of your tree does not matter as long as everyone can put up their favorite ornaments on it.

5. Donate to charity drives

During this season, you can bring great holiday cheer to your family and to less fortunate people. Since some members might have outgrown their clothes or toys, this is also a great time to pack them up together. Whether you send out hand-me-downs or buy brand new gifts, donating will make the holidays merry not just for you and your family but for other people too.

6. Bake Christmas cookies

While you might usually buy cookies and pastries from diners and bakeries, you can make baking a family activity if you have an oven in your house. From cutting cookies to adding extra chocolate chips, this is an excellent activity to make everyone happy. Aside from teaming up and taking the time to do this together, you will also be able to enjoy yummy homemade cookies.