Friends, family, and delicious cuisine make the holidays a joyous and delightful time. However, if you are a renter, it might be tough to truly embrace the holiday spirit when your lease limitations prevent you from implementing your bright decor ideas.

A no-damage policy, on the other hand, does not have to get in the way of sharing holiday cheer. These nail-free and detachable holiday decor ideas are great for your rental and your next Christmas party, whether you live in a small apartment or a single-family house.


If you want a Christmas tree but don’t have the area in your rental for one, it’s time to think outside the box (or tree) this year. Consider using washi tape to create the outline of a tree on an empty wall, which is readily removed. Use baker’s twine to hang light ornaments throughout the inside of your tree for more pizazz, or make imitation ornaments out of extra washi tape. Cutting a triangle from an older pallet is yet another space-saving but three-dimensional-option. Simply paint it green, build a simple “trunk” and stand out of spare wood, and you’ve got yourself a unique and exciting place for Santa to put all those goodies.

Everybody knows that fall means getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and one of the first things to think about is house decor. If you’re renting a home, consider decorating the entrance and/or porch main, as this is the first thing people notice when they enter or pass by. It’s also a simple way to get folks in the Halloween mood while simultaneously projecting a positive image of yourself as a renter, neighbor, buddy, and just about everything else you are. To get going, you just need is a little imagination and, of course, pumpkins. Simple pumpkins, colored pumpkins, and carved pumpkins are all options. Adorn with leaves, skeletons, bats, lights, or scarecrows and place them on the floor, stairwells, or shelves (if you have some). Get do with what you have now and, above all, what you like. Don’t forget to hang a wreath on your front door to make your home’s entrance even more personal.


If you adore your DIY faux fireplace but don’t have a conspicuous spot to showcase all of the holiday greetings your family and friends give you, a decorative picture ledge is a great solution. Put out your preferred cards then hang them on the wall per the directions. Make stars out of cheap wooden dowels then cover them with rechargeable batteries copper string lights for extra effect. Your display will be lightweight enough just to fit on the ledge and it will be the ideal method to fully personalize your space. Plus, because the ledge is so easy to remove, you can easily place it for next year or use it to showcase your favorite picture frames in another section of your home.

Decorating in a rental may be tricky, but there’s nothing like enjoying the ideal Christmas decor without constantly worrying about your landlord’s displeasure. Let’s not be afraid to be a bit creative this Christmas season, and also don’t forget to leave some cookies for Santa!