We have no say on what will happen. Times are uncertain, and a calamity may strike at us anytime. With that said, we should be prepared for the worst. We may not know precisely when or if it will happen, but we can make sure that we are ready for it. 

One of the occurring natural hazards is hurricanes. Hurricane season is a constant every year, which is why anticipating it is a must. To guide you in your hurricane prep, here is a checklist of the things that you need to do: 

Stack Up On Food And Other Necessities 

When the hurricane hits, you’re going to have a tough time going outside. Heading out to the supermarket or even just the nearby convenience store is no longer an option because it will be too dangerous. That is why saving up food, and other necessities such as toiletries in your storage cabinets is a wise decision. You would not want to handle a hurricane without supplies at your side. 

Check Your Home For Leaks

We all know heavy rain comes with hurricanes. With that said, it is a must that you check your home for any damaged doors, windows, pipes, and surfaces that may allow water to penetrate through. You should cover up any openings before the hurricane comes to avoid the water from entering your home. 

Clean Your Gutters

Most people overlook how important it is to clean your gutter. A Dirt build-up in your gutter increases the chances of water overflowing there. If that scenario occurs, then you will most likely suffer from roof damage and interior flood. 

Trim Your Garden

Strong winds accommodate hurricanes. If your trees and shrubbery are long, then the wind could pull at this and even hurl it towards your home. In addition to that, it is vital that they are trimmed so that the wind can pass through without resistance, thus reducing collected debris. 

Secure Your Windows

As we have previously stated, strong winds accommodate hurricanes. These strong winds have the capacity to break your windows which is extremely dangerous because the glass shards could cause significant harm to you and your family. To prepare for this, you may want to install heavy-duty window shutters. 

Get Hold Of Flashlights And Power Generators

Another thing to expect from the hurricane is power outages. When the electricity goes out, it will be challenging to move around and further monitor the situation. Therefore, having flashlights and power generators would be greatly advantageous for you. Moreover, it is best not to use candles since they can result in another disaster if left alone. 

Key Takeaway

You have no say when a calamity may strike, but you can do your best to prepare for it. One of the constant weather hazards is hurricanes. You can prepare for this by stocking up on food and necessities, checking for leaks, cleaning your gutters, trimming your garden, securing your windows, and having a backup light source. You will significantly reduce the damages caused by hurricanes by ticking off the things on this checklist.