If you’re an owner not ready to sell, a new landlord, or a property investor with an eye on the Lowcountry market, you may find yourself asking why you should hire a property management company. But another way to approach the question is to consider what happens when you don’t.

Anyone who has managed rental property before will most likely tell you that it’s a lot of work—especially for property owners with busy, active lifestyles…or property owners who live out of town, or out of state. Maintaining property is a full-time job. And it’s what our team does best. A lot of property management work centers around handling the business: determining rental list price based on comps; marketing your property; selecting and screening tenants; procuring background and credit checks, and ensuring legal compliance around lease agreements between you and your tenant.

If you’re an owner renting to a tenant that’s a friend or colleague, keep in mind that the latter can often become a “sticky” situation when financial issues, like late payments, or repair considerations come into question. You never want these things to drive a wedge between you and your friend. That’s where we come in. Speaking of repairs, you’ve got to be realistic about the fact that some (whether large or small) will need to take place over the course of your ownership.

Handling tenant repair requests in a timely manner is always important. Certifying that you’re using quality, licensed repair professionals AND getting a fair quote and repair cost can often be a job in itself So do you have what it takes? We do. And we’ll manage your property just like it was one of our own.