A property manager makes your life much easier. Maintaining and running a rental property can be an overwhelming task so it is a wise choice to have a person handle the process for you.

Property managers are in charge of collecting your rent and know how to deal with late payments the right way, handle the eviction, and they perform a tenant screening process to make sure you have a qualified tenant. They will also help you set the right rental rate and assist you with the marketing of your property. However, it is important to choose the right one to have peace of mind. Here is what you should look for in a property manager.

Check their Experience

You should hire a property manager that has proven records of handling rental properties effectively and knows how to carry your type of rental property. A company that specializes may not be capable to manage your residential property. Property managers have to be on top of federal, state, and local laws.

Marketing Skills

Property managers also take charge of the marketing related to your rental property, they should know where to post your listing and develop a marketing strategy for your property, including the photos and creating a strong copy.

License and Certifications

Some people only have a real state license and claim they are capable of managing property but don’t hire any of them. There are different associations that are able to certify property managers. Look for a property manager that completed a rigorous training program and has received a property manager designation.

Time Management and Organization

Property managers are in handle of all the daily operational duties and should have exhaustive knowledge in databases, spreadsheets, financial statements, and accounting abilities. They also should have time management skills because they will usually have to deal with different issues in a day. Maybe four prospective tenants want to see the listing on the same day, the heating system starts to fail, and they have to chase the contractor to repair it. The property manager will have to deal with all the unexpected problems.

Good Communication Skills

Property managers spent a lot of their time dealing with people, whether it is you, the prospective tenants, existing tenants, and maintenance contractors so they should know how to communicate effectively and know how to manage unpleasant conversations when it comes to collecting payments and screening tenants.

Positive Reviews and References

If you have any friends and relatives that are into real estate investment ask them about recommendations on qualified property managers and once you have a list of potential property managers look for positive reviews of them on Yelp or their Facebook page. You can check additional sources such as the better business bureau for any complaints.

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