Moving to a new neighborhood is never easy. Why not make it a warm welcome by giving a small, yet meaningful gift to your new neighbors? As an established ambassador of your block, now’s your opportunity to bring over something that makes your new neighbor feel comfortable and welcomed.

Idea #1: Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers

If you’re a gardener, consider sharing the bounty. Fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden are also always a big hit!

Idea #2: Snacks and Drinks

Who doesn’t love treats? Although it used to be the tradition to bring by a bottle of wine for new neighbors, be conscious of the fact that no everyone drinks alcoholic beverages. Instead, bring over a bottle of sparkling water and fruit juice to make a spritzer—something even the kids can enjoy. To go along with your fruity drink, pack a small fruit basket and chocolates.

If you really want to impress your new neighbors, bring them baked goods straight out of the oven. But, make sure to provide a list of ingredients for any possible allergies.

Idea #3: A gift card to a great local restaurant

Your exhausted new neighbors may not feel up to preparing a meal on their first few nights at their new home. After all, their kitchen may still be filled with boxes. Offering a gift card to your favorite local restaurant is a great way to get them introduced to the great food in your area.

Idea #4: Host a small gathering

Plan a meet and greet as a gift for your neighbors. It’ll give you an excuse to have a party and will help you new friends acclimate to the neighborhood. A casual BBQ or asking everyone to bring their favorite dish would be the perfect way to get to know them.

Idea #4: A touch of green

Even neighbors who don’t have green thumbs will appreciate a nice plant. But, stick with a plant that doesn’t require a lot of care. Or, instead of a houseplant, put together a small herb garden as a gift for your neighbors.

After making your welcoming gesture to your neighbor, always ask if there is anything you can do to help get them settled in.