With the booming housing market in Charleston, you may hear many real estate companies say that now is the time to buy or sell your home. For buyers, it’s time to sign a contract before home prices skyrocket. For sellers, inventory is low and their home has a high probability for selling fast and for top dollar. However, buying and selling real estate isn’t for everyone. With 51 people moving to Charleston every day, there aren’t enough houses for sale, and this is where housing for rent comes in.

We are RentHolyCity.com and we are a full-service property management company with over 15 years of experience in the Charleston area. We are dedicated to fulfilling the highest level of service to meet the property management needs of real estate owners and investors in the Tri-County, as well as provide housing for residents.

Are you an investor in search of a property management company or are you not ready to sell your home yet so you’re considering renting it out but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Give me a call at 843.261.0256 or email me at mailto: Jessica@RentHolyCity.com. I will listen to and discuss your investment goals and expectations you have of us while managing your home. I will then run rental comps in the area to establish the best management plan for your home.

A management agreement with all terms previously agreed to will be created and sent to you for electronic approval. I will collect any keys, warranty documents, necessary items and information to begin the management of the property. The rental property will then be listed on the RentHolyCity.com website, Rently.com, our social media pages, and many 3rd party sites for aggressive advertising. A Rently lockbox will be installed on the front door to allow self-showings of the property. Once a tenant is found and approved we will collect the security deposit and first month’s rent from them. We will charge the 50% lease origination fee after the vacancy is filled, out of the first month’s rent. RentHolyCity.com will then start collecting management fees of 8.5% of the monthly rent per month.

So how do we find and approve tenants? We work closely with the #1 real estate agency in the Charleston area who sends us an average of 15 potential renters each month. Those people inquiring to rent are pushed to our view our available inventory on RentHolyCity.com. From the website, they are able to register to view your home using the Rently lockbox we have installed. If they are interested in renting the home, they and anyone else that would occupy the home who is over the age of 18 will be required to apply through our website and agree to having a background check run. Once approved by the background check, they will sign a lease and move into your rental property.

Both you and your tenant will be given login information to the portal on our website. Portal access will allow you view any owner statements and all documents including the property management agreement at any time. For your tenant, it will allow an easy payment option for rent and fees, along with submitting maintenance requests for home issues. We will communicate any necessary maintenance requests with you based on your management agreement.

To recap, if you are interested in having RentHolyCity.com manage your investment property, please give me a call at 843.261.0256 or email me at Jessica@RentHolyCity.com.