Whether your property management company is comprised of three people or thirty, a crucial factor in hiring with our current and next generations is going to be culture.  In any company, a strong culture is important to keep employees happy and working together efficiently. 

The younger generations look for a company that is going to them a sense of joy when they wake up in the morning and will not hesitate to leave a job that they are unhappy with. While older generations understand work is not always easy to find, and are willing to work through any negative experiences, some of the younger generations are still trying to grasp that concept. That’s not to say they are not hard workers, in our world today you must be competitive and adaptable to make a living.

With all of that said, how do you attract the younger generations to want and enjoy a career in property management by using culture?  But before we answer the how, you need to determine what culture means to you and your company.

Determining what culture will mean in your company is just as important as how you implement it. Creating a mission or set of values for you and your employees will help establish a standard for everyone to strive for.  Once you know what your company culture is, you can work on how to go about turning those values into actions.  

  • Is it creating an environment where people can build friendships and a work family? 
  • Will you have team outings during and/or after work hours? 
  • Could there be incentives for goals reached or to spark healthy competition? 

Whatever you decide, you want to make sure you are showing off your amazing company culture to attract the best candidates. Make sure your website and social platforms showcase all that your company has to offer and that your company is where they want to be.

So, you’ve established the environment you want to attract the best of the best. Now you need to determine how your culture is going to keep them. People tend to go through stagnant periods both in work and life, to combat that and keep them feeling motivated you’ll want to do things that give them a sense of purpose and value.  

  • Going to conferences for leadership or innovative ideas in your field shows you are investing not only in the company but their future. 
  • Set goals with incentives; not only will they feel the success from completing their goal but a little reward never hurt no one. 
  • Have luncheons or team happy hours where everyone can relax a bit but still engage to discuss ways to make the company and culture better. 

Getting your employees feedback is huge in growing you culture and allowing everyone to feel they have a role. Younger generations are constantly fighting the stereotype that they don’t know what they’re talking about or are not being heard. Giving them that chance will allow them to soar, which only makes your company soar higher.