In today’s ever changing society, the norm has been elevated, and the expected has increased in quality. People are very focused on receiving the best quality, the best experience, and the best treatment for their money, in almost every aspect of life. This is no difference when it comes to real estate. When people are seeking a rental property, they are looking for a property that will satisfy their needs and fit their budget.

In most areas of business, it is important to always put the needs of the consumer first. The same goes as a landlord, who should always put the needs of the renter first. Regardless if you’re a seasoned landlord, or if you’re newly established, it’s imperative to make your tenant feel prioritized and important. By embracing the technological world that we live in, you can use technology to communicate with your renters to make it simple and easy to remain connected.

  1. Use an online payment system. This simplifies the sending and receiving of payments to be done in a much easier and timely manner. Some payment systems offer an option to arrange automatic payments to ensure that rent is never forgotten or late.
  2. Use an online maintenance system. Setting up an online portal for maintenance requests keeps everything structured and strategic. Renters can submit maintenance issues and receive an automatic confirmation that the request was received. The landlord can then address the issue and keep an organized log of any problems the tenants may have had. This makes handling issues much simpler!
  3. Offer an online mobile application process. For renters who are inquiring about your real estate property, set up an online application that can be submitted via smartphone or computer. Also, offer an option for past tenant testimonials. This can make your response rates soar, as potential renters will be able to read reviews on your property and apply right away. This is a good way to lessen the chances of a vacancy in your property!
  4. Use text reminders. For any maintenance or amenity upgrade appointments, it’s important to offer your renters ample time and notice to prepare. Using a texting service that sends automatic reminders is very appreciated by renters, as it allows them to be updated with a simple text message. This can alleviate any issues with scheduling miscommunication between tenants and maintenance workers!
  5. Use email. It is important to remain in consistent contact with your renters, by keeping them fully in the loop of what is going on. If you are a landlord of an apartment complex, sending a newsletter to your tenants is a great way to disseminate information and to really engage with them. It can include new and interesting information going on within the building or timely events going on in the area. It’s definitely a great idea for the holiday season with the abundance of events that occur. This is a perk that can make you stand out from other landlords, as it really shows you care about your tenants!

Overall, these are some helpful tips to capitalize on the beauty of technology as a landlord to ensure your tenants feel accommodated and happy. You know the saying, happy renters, happy landlord!