Spring is approaching, and after difficult snows and record rains, it is time to open all windows and clear winter mustiness. However, for landlords, it is time not only for crucial spring cleaning. They have to take some time for organization and tidy up the property’s external landscaping.

Spring Cleaning Tasks For Landlords

Interior management

Spring is an ideal time to take care of your HVAC filters and change them. Aside from that, there are other tasks you should complete:

Tiny daily tasks

Before you can dive into deep cleaning, start with smaller tasks to prepare, such as tidying up personal items throughout all rooms, sweep bathroom and kitchen floors, and vacuum carpets.


Let’s make one thing crystal clear. When dusting, work from the top down, as dust tends to fall down, so you don’t have to do the same job twice. This way, you can also sweep hard to reach spots, which we usually oversee.

Clean walls

Scuff marks are easily caused by children and furniture. Use a sponge and only clear soap in combination with a small amount of water. If this trick does not work, try some other products like the magic eraser.

Exterior management

Although it is important to complete the vital spring maintenance checklist, the transition to spring weather is the ideal time for exterior cleaning.

Clean your gutters

If winter weather left debris in the downspout, you can use a garden hose and force it out. Clogged gutters can make your roof start leaking and leave permanent damage to the exterior and interior structure of your home.

Inspect the roof

Check out ceilings and interior walls for water stains signs, small cracks, and so on. While performing a roof inspection, you should also look for missing shingles, cracked caulk around your skylights and pipe collars, rusted flashing, and so on.

Eradicate moisture

Ask your tenants to check for possible mold that can appear because of interior humidity, which is a consequence of the winter.


When it comes to spring landscaping, it might include fertilization, lawn aeration, overseeding, pruning of trees or shrubs.

Check your foundation vents

Inspect the foundation vents. These screens are recessed and catch twigs, leaves, and other debris. Just clean the by hand or vacuum.

Wash window screens

Windows play an important role in whether or not your place looks appealing. So you may need to clean the screens until they are crystal clear – to get that sparkling look.

Take care of low traffic areas

Although they don’t handle a lot of abuse, still some cleaning is necessary. Places like closet floors, area under the furniture, and other hard to reach spots are perfect candidates for early spring cleaning. Move out all of your furniture and belongings to tidy up and make sure you clean dust and other contaminants.

Clean carpets

To make sure your renting space looks flawlessly, a good old carpet cleaning can do wonders for your place.

Final words

Meanwhile, don’t forget about other everyday tasks that demand more inspection. Cleaning, servicing, maintenance, and landscaping ensure that your property is always in perfect condition and your investment is protected!