Springtime is a wonderful time of year that brings with it renewal and fresh beginnings. That is why it is so important to consider spring cleaning on a room by room basis throughout your entire home. A good place to always start when it comes to a full cleaning in the spring season is the kitchen. This is where most people begin. Start by going through all packaged foods, canned food and boxed food to determine if anything is out of date or may have gone bad over the winter months. Keep in mind that some food that is no longer in-date will sometimes be accepted by local food banks. Freshen up the refrigerator, clean out the cupboards and give your kitchen a total once over. Removing all items from the cuboards and cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water is always a good idea.

Organizing and Freshening up is Almost a Ritual

The living room is equally as important when it comes to cleaning your home. because spring brings with it fresh breezes and the scent of flowers, open all windows and air out the entire space. A thorough vacuuming of not only the carpeting but also the furniture is also important. Any accumulation of excess personal items that may have piled up over the winter should be neatly packed away and stored in the appropriate location. As a note, if you choose to rent holy city accommodations, plan accordingly when it comes to spring cleaning. Organizing and freshening up is almost a ritual for many people every year as winter fades away and summer comes into view.

A Cost Free Way to Freshen the House

The bedrooms and bathroom are equally important when it comes to giving your home a complete once over after winter has given up its grip. Each bedroom should be freshened up by opening the windows and allowing the fresh spring breeze to enter. While it is still chilly during the evening, during the mid-afternoon sunshine, opening all windows is a cost free way to freshen the house. Change bedding during this season by putting away heavyweight wool blankets and bringing out the lightweight spring and summer bedding. Bathrooms are equally important when it comes to cleaning your home for the spring season. Remove any accumulation of belongings, toss out old medications and give the bathroom a thorough deep cleaning.

All Clothing Given a Quick Wash and Dry

Finally, closets are one of the most important parts of any spring cleaning project. This is one area of the home that can easily become musty and cluttered. Carefully go through each closet searching for things that can be given away, thrown away or repurposed. Consider moving some items from closets into the garage or attic. Closets with clothing can be cleaned out with all clothing given a quick wash and dry and then returning them to the closet. This helps to freshen up clothing and makes it look good whenever it is worn again in the spring or summer. Consider these simple yet important ways to clean your home in what is truly a wonderful season that arrives each year.