It’s time to admit what we all know to be true, aside from the bedroom, the main place we spend most of our time is in the kitchen. Whether it’s to cook, rummage the fridge, or dine, food is needed to survive so of course we spend so much time there.  Given that fact, sometimes that room may be the smallest in your room or even rental.  Apartments or other rental properties especially tend to run on the more compact size.  

Luckily, I can speak first hand on this subject.  I recently bought my first home and the kitchen space is one of the smaller ones we looked at while house hunting.  It was also the first room we decided to renovate given its size.  

Understand Your Space

The best first tip I can offer is to understand how your kitchen is laid out.  Maybe you can move appliances to better spots to give it a larger feel or replace cabinets with shelves. For us, moving appliances and large items to new places was not an option. Everything was in the only spot it could go. If your kitchen has any doors or large windows on more than one wall, that may limit where you can move a refrigerator or storage space. How many outlets are in the kitchen and where are they located? Knowing where things need to be plugged in will also dictate a home for each appliance. 

Decorate/Small Renovations

If you’re not able to completely renovate your kitchen, for any reason, look to simple decorations and minor financial changes. Painting walls, shelves or cabinets won’t break the bank and can add your own personality.  Unlike a family of four who may need a large amount of cabinet space, we are just a family of two for now and opted to remove a few unnecessary cabinets.  We replaced with shelves which made the kitchen feel larger and more open. Adding simple statement pieces to the walls can add character to your kitchen without cluttering it in decorations. 

Make Room

Our house came with a moveable island. Once we took it out of the kitchen, my goodness did we have so much space! Thankfully our countertop space is sufficient enough that an island is not necessary.  Depending on the setup in yours, a portable island may be perfect if it lacks counter space. The beauty about a moveable island is you can keep it against a wall but move it into the middle of the room to use as a gathering spot when entertaining. Another way to make space is by hanging things. Cute hooks to hang mugs or pots, hanging planters, or just about anything else you can think of that. Using magnets can also help keep knives or spices up and away. 

Getting creative with a small space just takes a bit of patience and research.  Once you open your eyes to the notion that a small kitchen is not the end of the world, you will be amazed at how you can turn it into one of your favorite rooms in your home!