Many of us view our pets as an additional member of our family. Pets are humans’ best friends. They’re the best at keeping us company, cheering us up after a long day, and giving us absolute unconditional love. When you’re moving, just as you would consider your child’s wellbeing in the move, you consider your pet’s. Moving into a home with a pet, especially a dog, you may have a backyard high up on your must-have checklist. However, when looking to rent with pets, the search may become a bit more complicated. There are important considerations to understand before signing a lease, especially ensuring that your landlord agrees with your four legged family member moving in too. Review this guide to ensure you’re taking all the right steps for renting with pets! 

  • Look for pet friendly options! Most places that are open to renting to tenants with pets will make it known. Often times, these places will even offer pet friendly accommodations such as a dog run or dog biscuits in the lobby. Pet friendly complexes are great for your pet’s exercise regimen and for his or her social life, allowing them to adapt to living in a building with other pets.
  • Make sure that your rental agreement states that your pet is permitted to live in the rental with you. If it is put in writing and signed on by both parties, you’re good to go! If your landlord wants, introduce your pet to him or her. This can create for a better relationship between you and the landlord, and can allow for him or her to meet your furry family member! Consider that your landlord may increase your security deposit to cover any potential damage your pet may cause. Pro tip, take pictures/videos of the whole rental before moving in, to have proof of any prior damage!
  • If your landlord is unsure about your pet living in the rental, propose the idea of a short term lease agreement. This way, you’ll be able to tell if your pet will acclimate to the rental, and your landlord can judge whether or not they feel that your family and pet are suitable for a long term agreement. It’s a good way to test out the best fit for you and your pooch!
  • If you have a dog, consider the local area to see if there is a park or some place to walk your pooch! Some areas have specific dog parks made just for your pup to have a place to roam. If you find yourself stuck between two rentals, consider the surrounding area for your pup to be the deciding factor! 

Overall, it is imperative that you make it known to your realtor that your priorities checklist includes a pet friendly rental. This can change your search drastically as some places strictly do not allow pets. But don’t be discouraged, there are so many rentals that want to accommodate you and your four legged family member. With the proper searching, you’ll be sure to find something that will make all members of your family, animal and human, happy!