Whether you’re a first time renter or someone who has immersed themselves into the rental market, it’s important to always be aware of key elements when looking at a new property. If you’re searching for a new property, you want to properly assess each potential rental to find one that best fits your needs and wants. Comprise a list that encompasses all of the most important aspects that your new apartment needs to have. Here are a few ideas of vital elements you should ensure your checklist has before starting your apartment search!

1. Safety elements

  • How are the locks on both exterior and interior doors?
  • Are the surrounding areas safe? Does your neighborhood offer access to food stores, dining options, banks, hospital, whatever else you may prioritize, etc.
  • Do the windows seem to be in good working condition? Do each of the window locks work?
  • Does the the apartment have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms? Is there a fire extinguisher present in the apartment?

2. Working amenities

  • Is there a washer and dryer offered?
  • Does the kitchen have a functioning dishwasher?
  • What appliances, if any, are provided by the landlord? Take note of what you need to bring!
  • How is the bathroom? Are the fixtures working properly? How is the water pressure?
  • How is the sound proofing? Can you easily hear neighbors?

3. Building amenities

  • Are tenants assigned specific parking spots? Is there a parking garage? Where can guests park?
  • Is there a gym or a pool included in the building amenities?
  • Are there any extra storage areas for tenants to put belongings too big for their apartment? For example, bikes.

4. Building policies

  • Is the apartment pet friendly?
  • Where will mail be delivered? Is there a specific area to pick up packages?
  • How do you schedule maintenance requests? Is there an online portal or do you need to contact your landlord directly?
  • What is the process of garbage disposal? Does the apartment recycle? Are there bulk days?
  • What utilities are covered in the rental price?
  • Is there a security deposit needed when signing a lease?
  • Do you need a co-signer to sign the lease?

Aside from these main items, the layout of the apartment, the amount of space it offers, and the price are all huge factors to consider. Apartment shopping is a big step in life, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Everyone deserves their dream home, regardless of it being in a house or an apartment!