Moving can be a stressful enough experience on its own. We pack our lives in boxes, clean those nooks we avoided (yes, even behind the fridge), pack into and drive a big clunky (kind of musty) moving truck, and unpack in an unfamiliar environment.

It’s a lot.

And prior to the move, there’s the infamous decision to make: Should I rent or own?

To get you started, here are four real-talk questions to consider.

  1. Does the word “commitment” make you queasy? Let’s be real; commitment can be scary. It can feel less stressful to commit to a year of renting a home versus a long-term agreement.
  2. Impatient and ready to move yesterday? (Hey, we live in a world of immediate gratification.) The approval process of rental homes is easier and shorter.
  3. Feeling a little nomadic? The cool thing about renting is that there’s a fixed term of the lease—typically a year. You can live in the city one year and in the desert the next. It’s up to you!
  4. Tight on moola? Renting a home has a set monthly rate and has little to no maintenance/repair bills. (If something breaks, a handyman is a phone call away!) Also, the down payment is substantially cheaper.

Do any of these ring true for you? A rental property may be the better fit!

Keep in mind: these questions are intended to help get the juices flowing. When it comes down to it, the answer is what feels right to you. And remember: breathe! Either way, you’re embarking on an exciting new adventure!