If you’re looking to move to Charleston you will quickly learn Charleston is not just one place. Do you want to live in a suburb? By the beach? In the hustle and bustle of city life? Charleston is made up of numerous towns that can offer any and all of those qualities. So, when you say that you want to move to Charleston, let’s find exactly what you want.

Mount Pleasant

Surf, sand, shop, and outstanding food.  Living in Mt. Pleasant means you have the best access to just about everything you want. If you want quick access to the beach but don’t want to lose some of that city feel, living near the Sullivan’s Island connector side of Mt.P is perfect. With Shem Creek just down the road you can bounce around the waterfront bars and restaurants or even pull your boat up if you don’t feel like walking. Pet lovers will be over the moon with bars like The Shelter on Coleman Blvd that are dog friendly. Check out Paige’s Okra Grill for your chance to see Darius Rucker (he also lives in Mt.P). Head away from the main strip and onto Highway 17 for even more food and shopping options. With 24/7 access to fun and activities, you may think it’s not the best place to settle down and have a family. Wrong! There are numerous diverse neighborhoods, allowing families of all sizes and ages feel safe and at ease. 


When you think of Charleston, one of the first images that will enter your mind is the row of colorful houses with side porches on both levels. This is the famous and beautiful rainbow row. Downtown Charleston is full of history, color, and life. While there are no beaches to relax on, there are plenty of waterfront properties, restaurants and shops to explore. Everything is walking distance and there is always something to do. Being a city, there is a higher energy that residents tend to have. So if you’re looking for a quiet place to raise a family, downtown may be a place you opt to travel to on weekends. If you land a job downtown and prefer the luxury of walking or biking, there are plenty of options!

West Ashley

West Ashley is a great inbetween for beach and city lovers. Filled with beautiful community living developments, plenty and shopping and eatery, families and young people can both find plenty to do. Located 20 minutes from downtown Charleston and roughly 30 minutes from Summerville, those looking for an easy commute will find West Ashley suitable. Folly beach is only a 15 minute drive or opt for other water entry points at the multiple John’s Island boat landings. You’ll also be able to hop onto I-95 quite easily for those who like to travel. No matter your situation, West Ashley has a lot to offer.


Probably one of the best and most sought-after cities for growing families is Summerville. Here you can find larger homes for a fair amount, but if you’re not quite there yet financially, that is where Rent Holy City can help you out! With a downtown square, Summerville has just about everything you could want. Plenty of neighborhoods for a great feeling of community, but still plenty of space unlike some of the community developments in West Ashley. While the beach is more of a drive, you still have access to a few boat landings as well as a 20 minute drive to downtown Charleston. Though with everything Summerville has to offer you may never find the need to venture out!

No matter your living situation, Rent Holy City can help you get into the home you want and need.