A small home space carries many challenges. These challenges cannot be solved simply by small sofas and tables. A good and organized adaptation of the space is required, especially for a rental property in Charleston. Read on to see how a small apartment, with the help of proper landscaping, looks bigger and more comfortable. 

Tip # 1 – Curtains can help, believe it or not, You’ve probably never thought of curtains this way. Even when you were thinking about the curtains, it was a color that should fit into the furniture. Curtains can do a miracle for your small space. Be sure to raise the rot almost to the ceiling, and the curtains should be long and fall to the floor. It will visually enlarge the room and create a more comfortable atmosphere. 

Tip # 2 – Put less necessary things on the wall For a small rental property, the shelf is a must-have! You can pick up things like books, little things, whatever you want, and give yourself the space you need. The room will not only look bigger but also more comfortable and tidy. Real art can be made from shelves so you won’t need pictures. 

Tip # 3 – Don’t overstuff your place We know that particular furniture has special value for you, but sometimes we need to think about whether we need it. Unnecessarily arranging things in the apartment with various furniture and all kinds of little things creates a chaotic atmosphere and makes the apartment look smaller than it is. Therefore, throw out everything that has no function and keep what you need only. 

Tip # 4 – Divide a small room You thought you couldn’t have more rooms in a small space? All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. Shelves, closets, anything can remodel your space and make extra room. You can use whatever you like. It is only important to separate room visually. It is also possible by design to distinguish between two spaces. It is ideal if you have a roommate, or if someone is staying with you often. 

Tip # 5 – Flat edges means more space When choosing furniture, make sure it has flat edges. Never buy rounded furniture or anything that has a circular design. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of valuable space. Choose furniture with flat edges. Flat edges make the apartment look tidier and certainly extend the room. 

Tip # 6 – You need a wall closet Wall closets are one of the most useful tips for saving home space. This way you will combine useful and nice, and you will have more space for other furniture. Your clothes don’t have to be scattered around with this solution. It is not all! Cover the wall closet with a mirror. Great idea, isn’t it?

Tip # 7 – Bunk beds An extremely creative way to always have an extra bed for a friend or your roommate, certain functional models have a sofa bed on the lower floor so that it can serve as a lounge area at any time and, if necessary, an additional sleeping area. It is a perfect 2in1 solution.