The Holidays are fast approaching and if you love decorating, this is the time to go all out and make your home festive. But what if you leave in a rental unit? There are decorations that you can put in your home without having to incur a high bill from making any permanent damages or changes to your home. So what decorations can you use? Remember to find out how far you can go in decorating your home. Are you allowed to drill holes in your walls for nails? Does your neighborhood allow bright lights and huge decorations like Reindeer and trees? 

First of all, you definitely should consider rental decorations, because there is barely any place to store your decorations when it is time to take them down in a rental home They can also be strenuous to move if you decide to move to another home. Decorations such as wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas lights are all available to rent which makes it convenient as well as cheap for you to get them. 

If you do choose rental decorations, order them early to avoid missing what you desire This also allows you to have time to replace decorations you may not have requested or wanted. Order them as early as October and give a date you would like them delivered to your home. 

If your landlord has rules that include no nails on the walls or doors or if you live in apartments, then you can use ornamental decorations. These include candles, charming little Reindeer and simple in-door lighting. These decorations are simple, cheap and easy to put up and bring down. You will have the festive feeling in your home without having to bother your landlord or neighbors. These types of decorations can also be bought because they are small and easy to store. 

You can choose to do floral decorations in your home. You can pick different types of flowers and decorate your home throughout the festive season. Flowers will give your home a good fragrance and beauty while allowing you to keep changing the colors and set-ups. This will give your home both a festive and serene feeling while allowing you to change themes throughout the holidays. Flowers will beautify you home but remember to change them so you can keep your home smelling fresh and looking beautiful It will be somewhat expensive to have these kinds of decorations. 

You could also choose to decorate your home with garlands and wreaths which stay up throughout the holiday. This will bring the forest into your home and give it a feeling of being in a botanical world. 

Candles and lighting are a great way of creating festivity in your home. You can get candles in different shapes, scents and sizes as well as colors and set them up throughout your house. Candles bring an air of peace and tranquility to your home. You have to remember to put them all out when you head to bed to avoid a fire. 

A Christmas tree is one of the easiest ways of decorating your home. You can either buy the authentic Christmas tree or an artificial one that you can put in storage. With the Christmas tree comes decorations which you will buy according to your preferences. A Christmas tree will come in different sizes and you can buy a small, one to avoid the hustle of having to put it in storage if it is the artificial type, for a whole year. 

Find out what your landlord expects from you before you start decorating your rental home. Ensure that your decorations do not interfere with your neighbors’ peace, especially if you live in apartments. Buy decorations that can easily be brought down and stored in your homes after the holidays to avoid storage costs. Alternatively, choose rental decorations. They will be gone as soon as the holidays are over relieving you the stress of having to store them.