Safety is a top concern for renters. Many often think that their options are limited when it comes to adding security in a rental home. However, it’s possible to secure it and safeguard your valuables against theft and deter crime, like you would in a residential home. In this post, we’ll be sharing with you some of the home safety tips in a rental apartment. 

1. Get New Locks 

The first and most important safety measure is to ask your property manager to change all the locks immediately you move in. There’s a chance that previous tenants could have copies of keys that unlocks your front, back, side and garage door. You can also consider having additional door locks, such as door reinforcement or chain locks for added security. Well, it is not only the doors that need new locks but also the windows, particularly those close to ground level. You don’t want to rely on the standard locking system, because burglars can easily break the window and open it from outside.

2. Install an Outdoor Lighting System 

Coming home to a dark rental property is not safe. It’s a good idea to ensure the common areas on the property are well illuminated, especially the main entrance, stairs, garages, and pathways. Besides helping with decorative enhancements, outdoor lighting can greatly help prevent a property from becoming a target for burglars. We recommend going for the lights with timers, though. Such lights are designed to automatically go on and off at appropriate times, which is great in cases where renters get home late or they are out of town for a holiday. 

3. Set Up Security Cameras 

Another way of keeping a rental home safe is by installing security cameras. It’s an easy way to keep track of what happens on a property, even when on the go. Smart camera systems can sync with a smartphone and give real-time alerts when there’s unusual activity. A camera system with motion detectors is worth consideration, as you don’t have time to watch hours of camera recordings or monitor the cameras all the time. The cameras can send you alerts, for example, when something comes to your door, but not your household animals. If a burglar successfully breaks into a rental home, video footage can help authorities to identify and track them down. 

4. Install a Security System 

While installing a security system is quite expensive, it’s a worthwhile option to fully secure a property 24/7. When shopping for a security system, however, it’s best to settle for one with enough features to effectively protect renters and their valuables. With a high-decibel alarm sound feature, for instance, you can easily alert neighbors when there’s a break-in attempt. Some systems have smoke alarms, alerting renters of fire and gas problems. At the very least, the security system should send mobile notifications in case of a security breach. If your landlord doesn’t put a security system in place, you can opt for alarm sensors on windows and doors. 

Effective property management for top-notch safety requires collective efforts from both parties. If you’re planning to or are currently renting an apartment, then feel free to bring these safety issues to your property manager.