These days a lot more people are renting homes rather than buying them.  While there are various reasons as to this recent surge of renting, including it being cheaper in some areas, people still want to have the same personal and “homey” feel inside their rental property as they would if they had purchased a house.  Here are some tips on how to decorate your rental home cheap and on a tight budget!

  1. Check out local garage sales for some fantastic home décor finds.  Complete a Facebook search for garage or yard sales, and also check the local paper.  Some really great stuff, especially furniture, light fixtures, and wall décor can be purchased really cheap and be repurposed in your own home.
  2. Visit local consignment shops and thrift stores.  Some people get tired of their current home décor items and decide to just donate them for the tax write off.  Find a decorative chair to place in your living room, or some vintage art prints to place on a shelf or wall.
  3. Go on a hunt at your local Hobby Lobby or At Home big box retail stores.  Some of the best home décor items can be found at these reasonably priced stores, as well as some nice front porch or backyard patio embellishments.  It is important to note that Hobby Lobby runs a different sale every week, but at least once a month, they run a 50% off home décor sale.  Use the Internet to search for their sale ad and figure out which week is the best to go shop.  Also note that a 40% off one regularly priced item coupon for Hobby Lobby exists online at all times.  You might also search the At Home superstore for a cute bar cart to place in your kitchen or an eye appealing fabric shower curtain with matching bath rugs and hand towels.
  4. Plant an herb garden and place it in a windowsill.  You can get some reasonably priced herb plants or seeds at your local hardware store or Lowe’s or Home Depot.  And you don’t necessarily have to use pots to plant them!  Use some old vintage tin cans or some mason jars to plant your herbs to add to the visual and decorative appeal.  And bonus- you can actually cook with these herbs once they reach maturity, avoiding having to purchase them at the grocery store!
  5. Do some more shopping at bargain stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods.  You never know what you are going to find at these amazing retailers!  Whether it be some fancy dining ware that you might actually want to put on display instead of eating from, or some brightly colored pillows to spruce up your sofa in the living room, there are always some great things to get your hands on at this inexpensive chain of stores.
  6. One last great place to shop for cheap items is Ikea.  If you have one nearby, definitely allow yourself a few hours to peruse the floors of this fabulous home décor paradise.  Purchase anything from plates and cups to curtain rods and drapes to awesome and affordable pieces of furniture.  And if you don’t have an Ikea in the vicinity, you can always order online and still score some amazing finds at great prices.

Bottom line- renting a home and living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have some spectacular home décor and your own fantastic sense of decorative style.  You just have to do some research and find the right stores to buy from, and the right items to complete the look you are going for.  While it may not be possible to do all your decorating at once, adding little touches over time may yield just the personal style you want on display to make your rental a HOME!