We are in the day and age of the do-it-yourselfers (DIYers). They are everywhere: from the pinterest fanatics creating their own household products to the amateur home flippers. Many homeowners who are moving but aren’t quote ready to let go of their home consider trying to rent it out, most times by themselves. Sometimes this is successful but most times not, especially if the homeowner is moving out of state. DIY is just not for everyone.

If you’re considering renting a property, do you know where to start? Do you know how much to rent your property for? A property manager can pull comparable rental properties in your area to determine the best price to list your home at. Then they have the ability to advertise your home on multiple sites and create demand with their marketing.

A property manager can get you higher quality tenants. Here at Rent Holy City, we work closely with the #1 agency in Charleston who provides us a multitude of people interested in renting. To weed through the abundance of tenants, we start with a simple application of anyone who will be living in the home that is over the age of 18. This is to guarantee we know who will be living in the home at all times. Those who pass through the initial screening will go through a background check. We will then reach out to you to give you the final say on who is going to move into your home.

You might object, saying you’ve got a friend or a friend of a friend who is interested in renting your home. That’s really great! However, when it’s time for rent to be due or issues arise with the house, are you capable of handling that without affecting the friendship or burning bridges? That’s where we come in! Feel free to let your friend rent your home, but let us do the dirty work.

Speaking of dirty work, are you ready to handle a troublemaker tenant? An experienced property manager is always up-to-date on the landlord-tenant laws. Plus, at Rent Holy City, we have a real estate lawyer on staff to help advise with any sticky situations that arise. There can be so many laws covering tenant screening, security deposits, rent collection, evictions, terminating leases, and many more. Allow us to handle the legalities for you. It’s always best to put a buffer between you and the tenant.

When a tenant’s lease is up and it’s time to move a new tenant in, the property manager is there to help, especially if you do not live near your investment property. We can check in on the property and oversee any improvements or repairs to the property between tenants. Often times with using a property management company, you may see the same tenant occupying your home for a long period of time, because the availability and customer service of the company is top notch.

Are you considering renting your home or buying an investment property? Consider the freedom of using a property management company. Contact Jessica today to go over all your options! 843.261.0256 or Jessica@RentHolyCity.com