Thinking of renting a property in Charleston, but don’t know what dog breed is right for your small space. Not having a lot of square footage doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from owning a dog. If you have the right breed of dog, the only thing you have left to worry about is apartment hunting. This is a list of 5 dog breeds that would be perfect for rental living.

1) Pugs

Pugs have always been popular with those living in apartments. These pudgy dogs don’t require much space as they have very low energy, are quiet, playful and of course adorable. When you have a Pug you don’t have to worry about your neighbors banging on your door because of noise as they don’t bark very much. Although Pugs are great when their owners are around, they can get anxiety when they’re left alone for long periods of time. Possibly come home after work to make sure your Pug is okay for safety reasons and for the cuteness overload.

2) Chihuahua

If you have a Chihuahua, any sized apartment will look like a mansion to them considering they rarely get bigger than 6 pounds. If you don’t want to walk your dog every day this breed is perfect for you considering they require minimal exercise. One thing to take into account is, Chihuahua’s love to bark so some training is required on your part. For a small apartment, it only makes sense to have a pint-sized dog.

3)Shih Tzu

An interesting fact about the Shih Tzu is it was bread to be the perfect lapdog! This tiny dog weighs between 5 and 8 pounds. Some qualities Shih Tzu’s are known for is being calm, highly affectionate, regal and very friendly. Those are great characteristics of an apartment dog and additionally, they get along with strangers and other dogs wonderfully; so taking them for a walk and meeting your new neighbors would be a breeze.

4) French Bulldog

New York City has already dubbed the French Bulldog as their own! All those apartment owners love their French Bulldogs. This breed is described as being smart, playful and adaptable it’s no wonder they’re popular not only with apartment dwellers but everyone else. They can live in small spaces because they’re small themselves and, also a lazy breed that loves to sleep at all hours of the day. They do require some exercise though nothing vigorous, a walk around the block will do the trick. Amongst the many reasons why people love French Bulldogs is that they rarely bark.

5) Greyhound

For those of you that want to live in an apartment but don’t want a small dog, there’s a big solution. Greyhound is your solution! Although they’re huge dogs, they’re very gentle, calm and independent. Which makes it great for you cause you won’t be supervising them all the time. Imagine a cat in a large dog; that’s a good summary for a Greyhound. These dogs love to run so, making sure they get an ample amount of exercise is very important to their well-being. Choosing an apartment near a park would be a great idea. There you have it you can have your dog and your apartment!