If you enjoy decorating your home for fall each year and are searching for fun, affordable ways to decorate your rental home, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few unique ways to decorate your rental for fall.

Purchase a few seasonal candles to decorate your rental:

Candles make great decorations as they can be placed in your lounge, bathroom and bedrooms. Not only will placing fall inspired candles around your rental property help you create a cozy fall vibe but many fall candles are scented. As an example, you could purchase an inexpensive candle which smells like fall leaves or a pumpkin scented candle. 

If you’re prepared to go the extra mile, place one of your fall candles inside a traditional black lantern, which you can then decorate with orange flowers or ribbons. 

Craft your own DIY apple candles:

Did you know that you can place tea light candles inside apples to create apple candles? Simply use a knife or a drill to remove some of your apple’s filling so that you have enough room to place a small tea light candle in your apple. 

Hang a fall inspired wreath on your front door:

Celebrate fall by hanging an affordable fall themed wreath on your front door. Alternatively you could place a fall wreath over your fire place. If you’re on a budget you can even opt to create your own DIY fall wreath. By collecting orange, red and yellow and brown faux flowers and leaves. If there are pinecones in your area, you can also use pinecones to create an eye catching fall wreath. 

Place a tray full of fall decorations on your coffee table or bedside table:

A simple way to add some fall cheer to your rental home is to place a tray full of fall decorations on your coffee table or bedside table. As an example, you can’t go wrong placing a fall candle, a few pine cones and a couple of small decorative pumpkins on your chosen tray. 

Purchase cheap fall inspired cushion covers: 

Simply purchase inexpensive red, orange, brown or yellow cushion covers, which you’ll be able to use to quickly change the color of the throw cushions on your sofa. Alternatively, if you can sew you may want to sew your own cushion covers.

Drape an orange throw blanket over the side of your sofa:

Another way to add a bit of fall spirit to your lounge is to drape an inexpensive orange throw blanket over the side of your sofa. 

Create a stunning fall centerpiece for your dining table:

If you enjoy hosting your friends and family members for meals, it’s well worth creating a fall centerpiece for your dining table. As an example you may want to place a candle in a vase which you can surround with pinecones and fall leaves. Remember, that you’re only limited by your own imagination.

So if you can’t wait to start decorating your rental home for fall, hopefully you now have the inspiration which you need to get started!