If you’re in the process of getting your rental home rent ready, simply continue reading in order to discover 5 tasks that you should complete in order to prepare your home for new tenants. 

Complete any necessary repairs to your rental home:

It’s well worth assessing your home to create a list of repairs which you may want to complete as soon as possible. As examples you may want to replace an appliance that doesn’t work and to replace any light bulbs that no longer work. Also ensure to fix any damage to your home which may have been caused by previous tenants. Lastly, ensure that your home boasts a working smoke detector, for the safety of your future tenants. 

Repaint the interior of your home:

One of the most effective ways to give your home a new lease on life is to repaint your home’s interior walls with a fresh coat for paint. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong opting for white paint, which will give your home a contemporary, fresh look. Before you start painting, ensure to fill in any holes which may have been caused by nails or screws. In order to ensure that your fresh paint job boasts a smooth, even finish. 

Work on your property’s curb appeal:

If you’d like to attract interest from potential tenants, ensure that your home is inviting by working on your property’s curb appeal. As an example, it’s well keeping your lawn under control and planting a few low maintenance plants or shrubs in your front yard. It’s also a wise idea to ensure that the path from the street to your home’s front door is swept clear and is well maintained. 

Remember that first impressions matter and that prospective renters will make assumptions about your property based on your property’s curb appeal. As generally house’s which have a well maintained exterior and front yard are well taken care of. 

Get new keys created for your home:

In order to safe guard the security of your new tenants, ensure to change the locks on all of your doors and to get new keys cut to give your new tenants. It’s a great idea to get a few extra keys cut, in case your future tenants lose one or more keys. Also make sure to change any garage codes or security codes, before you start showing your property to prospective new tenants. 

Hire professional cleaners to thoroughly clean your home:

In order to ensure that your home is shown to prospective tenants in its best light it’s well worth hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home from top to bottom. Especially as professional cleaners use professional grade cleaning products and tools to ensure that properties are as clean as possible. Professional cleaners will even be able to steam clean your carpets to remove any built up dirt and grime and will ensure that your carpets look as good as new again. 

If you follow all of the handy tips listed above, your home will be rent ready in no time and your property will attract genuine interest from prospective tenants who are looking for an appealing, clean home to move into.