Before you do any rental marketing or you start showing your property to prospective tenants, you need to make sure it’s rent ready. Today, we’re sharing five tips that will help you get your property ready for the market.

Property Management Charleston: Safety First

You’ll want to rekey all the locks in the house to match, and have three spares available. Collect garage door openers, mailbox keys, and amenity passes from your previous tenants. Then, reset any garage codes or keyless entry codes for the house. This will make the property safe and secure for your new tenants.

Property Management Charleston: Good Working Order

You want to make sure everything in the house functions as it should. Make any necessary repairs, and replace air filters. You also want to check for and replace burned out light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. Make sure there aren’t any torn window screens.

Property Management Charleston: Sparkle and Shine

Have the whole home professionally cleaned before you take any marketing photos or show the property to prospective tenants. You also want to shampoo and deodorize the carpet so that potential renters walk into a home that looks and smells clean.

Property Management Charleston: Fresh Paint

Tenants looking for a new rental home will notice the condition of your walls. Before you list your property, remove any nails or screws from the walls, and fill in the holes. Then, you’ll want to touch up the paint or completely repaint the interior walls. This will give your home a fresh, inviting look.

Property Management Charleston: First Impressions Matter

Make the home as welcoming as possible by creating curb appeal. Take care of lawn maintenance to spruce up the yard. Spray for weeds and pests. Your curb appeal should give potential tenants a reason to come inside.

For more information and tips to get your home rent ready, please contact us at Rent Holy City. We’d be happy to share more tips on successful Charleston property management.